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Feb 1, 2024
GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS are available. A Members Only Perk and a perfect Holiday Gift!

I'm offering up gift membership options for Members. Members may request at and we'll see what we can do. For members, be ready to provide your membership username for verification purposes and I will only accept gift inquiries from members that have valid and verifiable information. We'll discuss it and get it underway.

What I'm watching...

So I sit back and monitor Chatro, keep things going, and make sure the site keeps working as normal. So while I do that, I'm usually watching TV so I figured I'd share with you some things I'm watching while keeping tabs on Chatro. Why not right? Anyway, I'll keep the content here pretty much adult in nature so there won't be a lot of Disney (unless Marvel related) or cutesie shit here. Don't expect it either. I'm a big sci-fi, mystery, action movie, popcorn movie type of guy so with my eyes all over the streaming services, I figure I'd share what is out there.

Feb 16, 2024
WATCHING: NCIS / Fire Country / SWAT - Paramount+ - 7 to 8/10

My old shows are back on now that the new season has launched. Remember, the seasons of our favorite broadcast TV shows in the US were delayed because of the writers guild and screen actors guild strikes. Now that those have been resolved, they're back to work and most seasons will be shortened seasons, cramming in as many episodes they can until May-June. I've been watching NCIS since season 1 and it's now on Season 21. Yikes! SWAT is coming to an end with Season 7, featuring Shemar Moore. Fire Country is in its second season but the most popular new show, ratings wise, for 2022-23 All worthy of binge watching on Paramount+ if you want.

Feb 9, 2024
WATCHING: Halo - Paramount+ - Season 2 - 7/10

So the show based on the ultra famous video game series by Microsoft is back on Paramount Plus. The plot has very little to do with the plot of the video games, but that is to be expected. Video game story lines tend to be WAY out there. They can be more unique and more well thought out than TV show/movie story lines, with so many subplots, story arcs, and twists/turns that it is perfect for that medium. However, traditional TV and movie watchers don't keep up with that kind of plotting so they changed this show to match more traditional viewers. So those loyal to the game will be disappointed by the show's plot and story line. I like it, watch for yourself and decide.

Jan 14, 2024
WATCHED: True Detective - Max - Season 4 - 7/10

I've gone back and started watching the previous seasons of True Detective again. I watched seasons 1-3 previously and wanted to catch up with it again before checking out the latest season 4. The first season (2014) was impeccable while the second season (2015) ended up a huge dud. It bombed with critics and fans so much that they spent 4 years retooling before making a third season in 2019. Then covid happened. Then the merger of Discovery+ and HBO to create the new service, Max, and things got delayed until a new season premiering earlier this year. I hope it's a good new season. UPDATE: I finally caught up and now onto the latest season, season 4 and it feels more supernatural in its story telling so it's a departure from the other 3 seasons. Whether that is a good thing, we'll see. UPDATE: To rate the seasons in order, they go like this: Season 1 > Season 3 > Season 4 > Season 2. Most will agree if they've seen all seasons.

Nov 3, 2023
WATCHING: Invincible - Prime Video - Season 2 - 10/10

Invincible has returned! So excited. It's off to a good start. The first season was changed from its source material in some places for the better and Season 2 will be no different. UPDATE: On its midseason break and won't be back until 2024 but has been great and met my expectations so far.

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